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This is a modest collection of second millennium gold coins of Venice from the late 18th Century

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1 Zecchino - 1779

Fr-1434  - 3,49 g - 20,5 mm

Edge - Smooth

This coin was minted by the Venetian Republic under Doge Paulo Rainier. The obverse has a figure of the kneeling Doge receiving the gonfalon from St. Mark. The legend on the right reads LAVR-PRIO and the word DVX is to the right of the Doge's staff. The legend to the left of St. Mark says S.M.VENET (Sacred Money Venezia). The reverse has a standing figure of Christ in Glory facing forward with right hand bent upwards within convex lens known as a mandorla with 13 stars with 6-points along inner periphery. At the left is the legend SIT-T-XPE-DAT-V and to the right is REGIS.ISTI.DVC  which expands to Sit tibi, Christe, datus, quem tu regis, iste ducatus which translates as "To thee, O Christ, duchy, which thou rulest, be dedicated." These coins were minted from 1280 through 1545 where they were denominated as Ducats. From 1545 through 1797 they were denominated as Zecchinos. These coins were trade coins and were accepted throughout the known world.

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