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This is a modest collection of second millennium gold coins of Peru from the early 20th Century

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1 Libra - 1908

KM-207 - 7,994 g

Mintage - 0,036M

The obverse features a bust of an Indian with the Spanish legend VERDAD I JUSTICIA (Truth and Justice) with the denomination UNA LIBRA (one pound at the bottom.  The reverse has athe Peruvian coat of arms within a wreath, the country's name REPUBLICA PERUANA, the mint LIMA, GOZG, and the date 1908.

1- Soles - 1956

KM-236 - 4,58 g

The obverse featurea seated Liberty with the Peruvian shield and holding a liberty cap on a staff. To the right is a wreath with a laureate at the top.  The ribbon on the column reads LIBER - TAD.  The denomination DIEZ SOLES and gold content and fineness ORO FINO GRS. 4,21264 - 9/10 FINO surrounds the figures. The reverse features the Republic's arms within a wreath. Around the top is the country's name - REPUBLICA PERUANA - with the date 1956 at the bottom.

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