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This is a modest collection of second millennium gold coins of Norway during the late 19th to the early 20th Century

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20 Kroner/5 Specie Dalers - 1874

KM-348 - 8,96 g - 22.7 mm

Mintage - 0,198M

The obverse features the King Oscar II (b1829-d1907)  surrounded by the Norwegian inscription OSKAR II - NORGES & SVER. KONGE (Oscar II King of the Norse and Swedes) at the top and BRODERFOLKSNES VEL (Brotherly People Are Well).   The reverse has an image of the Norwegian royal arms with the denomination 20 KRONER at the top and 5 SP and the sides. The date 1874 is below the arms with 125 Stk 1 Kil. f.  The mintmark of crossed hammers for the Kongsberg mint is in the centre of the gold content statement.


10 Kroner - 1910

KM-375 - 4,48 g

Mintage - 0,053M

The obverse features the King Haakon VII (b1872-d1957) surrounded by the Norwegian inscription HAAKON VII - NORGES-KONGE (Haakon VII King of the Norse).  The date 1910 is to the right of the bottom of the King's stole. The reverse has the image of a standing St. Olav, the Patron of Norway. Around the perimeter at the top is OLAV-DEN-HELEIGE (Olav the Holy) and the denomination 10 KRONER.

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