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This is a modest collection of second millennium gold coins of the Bulgaria from the early 1900s

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4 Ducat - 1910

KM-M1 - 13,96 g - 38,9 mm

Edge - Reeded

This type of coin were purchased by a jeweler and most were holed for use in jewelry.  The coin also has a small crown countermark by the government.  The coin features a military bust of Tsar Ferdinand with his title in Bulgarian FERDINAND TSAR OF BULGARITY around the outside with three stars below the bust.  The reverse has the royal arms with the Bulgarian ZLATEN BULGARSKI PEDAR ZA NAKIT around the circumference with the date 1910 below the arms.


Bulgaria 1964 10L.jpg (45021 bytes)

10 Leva - 1964

KM-71 - 8,44 g - 22 mm

Edge -  Smooth

This NCLT "coin" was issued in 1964 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the communist regime. The obverse has the a flag over the denomination 10 Leva encircled by NARODNA REPUBLIKA BLGARIYA (PEOPLES' REPUBLIC OF BULGARIA) and the dates 1944-1964. The reverse pictures the regime's founder Georgi Dimitrov and his life dates 1889-1949. The Bulgarian legend is his name.

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