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This is a modest collection of second millennium gold coins of Bolivia from the mid 1800s

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 8 Escudo - 1824-SLP

KM-091 - 27,97 g

Edge - Engrailed

This coin's obverse features a bust of Spanish King Ferdinand VII (b1784-d1833) surrounded by the Latin legend FERDIN-VII-D-G- HISP-ET IND-R and 1824 at the bottom.  The reverse has the Spanish coat of arms within a garter and the Latin legend IN-UTROQ-FELIX- AUSPICE DEO (in the will of God we will happily prosper) and the mintmark SLP and PJ (for the mintmasters Pedro Martin de Albizu and Juan Palomo y Sierra)at the bottom.  Thids is the final gold issue under Spanish issue.


Bolivia 1846 1S.jpg (32205 bytes)

1 Escudo - 1846-SLP

KM-104 - 1,700 g - 17,7mm

Edge - Reeded

This coin 's obverse features a bust of Simon Bolivar (b1783-d1830) surrounded by the Spanish legend LIBRE POR LA CONSTITUTION (Free by the Constitution) and BOLIVAR at the bottom.  The reverse has a Bolivian scene of a llama, mountains, and a sheaf of wheat.  The Spanish legend REPUBLICA BOLIVANA is around the top. The mintmark (a monogram of SLP), the denomination 1 S, the date 1846, and the assayer mark (R for Felipe Ramirez de Arellano)

Bolivia 1952 14g.JPG (62752 bytes)

14 Gramos (20 Bolivianos) - 1952

KM-MB003 - 14,00 g - 27 mm

Mintage - 7.142

This coin commemorates the victory of the MNR.  The obverse has a bust of President Germán Busch Becerra (b1904-d1939) who was head of State in 1937. Around this is the Spanish legend INDEPENCIA ECONOMICA (Economic Independence). Below this is the legend G. BUSCH 21-X-1952.  To the right of the bust is the legend ORO PURO 14 Grs (14 grams pure gold).  The reverse has the national arms encircled with Spanish name of the country REPUBLICA DE BOLIVIA.

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