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This is a modest collection of second millennium gold coins of Albania from the early 1900s

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Albania 1926 100F.JPG (113240 bytes)

100 Francs  - 1926-R

KM-011.3 - 32,26 g 

Edge - Reeded

Mintage - 6.614

The obverse has a bust of President Amet Zogu (b1895-d1961) with his name around the periphery.  In 1928 he proclaimed himself King Zog I and ruled until 1939. There are two stars below the bust.  The reverse has a charioteer and biga with the county's name in Albanian SHQIPNI and in Italian ALBANIA below the figure.  Below this is the date at the left, the mintmark R( for the Rome Italy mint) and the denomination FRs 100.

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